About Us

Darach Recordings is an independant recording company specializing in Celtic music, especially the music of Scotland and Ireland.

The name "Darach", pronounced da'-rahk, is Gaelic for "oak tree" and is representative of the town, Greenock, Scotland. Greenock originated as a fishing village, and one of the legends regarding the town name states that the name comes from a large Green Oak tree, that stood along the banks of the Clyde, where the fishermen tied their boats. Greenock is the home town of Carl Peterson, founder of Darach Recordings

Carl travels across the US and Canada performing at Scottish festivals and concerts. While at festivals Carl would hang various flags around his performing area. He received so many request from people wishing to buy the flags, that we decided we should sell them! Darach Recordings, as darachweb, now includes Scottish, Irish and British flags and flag gifts since 1996. We have also added swords and knives and other related products to our inventory.