Brittany 3'x5' Polyester Flag

Brittany 3'x5' Polyester Flag

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The Flag of Brittany consists of horizontal black and white stripes with a set of ermine spots in the top left.

  • 3'x 5' polyester flag
  • double stitched hem
  • white cotton/poly header
  • 2 metal grommets, on the 3' side, for hanging

The Brittany flag is excellent for indoor and outdoor use.

Symbolism and Blazon of Brittany Flags

Although the flag was indeed used by separatists for cultural associations, that is not the exclusive application. During the 1960s, a wider public acceptance began to appear as civil unrest diminished following the second world war. As a result, the attitude towards this flag has changed positively. It's now commonly used as a decorative Coat of Arms to symbolize liberty and democracy. It was designed by Morvan Marchal in 1923.

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